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Financial Reporting and Budgeting Workshops

All congregations having or applying for a loan with the ODLCEF after January 1, 2014 and all congregational loans that will be renewed after January 1, 2014 will be asked to participate in this short training course. It is designed to help a congregation understand the budget effects of borrowing a large sum of money for any purpose. Specifically building or expansion, renovation or repair. How to account for the capital campaign finances and record and report them. The CFO of the district will visit with the treasurer and pastor of the congregation to learn the process in use for giving financial reports to the congregation and various leaders. Help will be given to compile good reports and to help in the budget process. Congregations can request this assistance at any time. Any congregation having a loan or applying for a loan with the ODLEF will be required to go through this process.

Ohio District Office


David Bowers - LCEF Ohio District Vice President
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Lisa Janik - Marketing and Administrative Coordinator
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National Office


National Office
LCEF's national office is in St Louis, MO


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