Friday, 22nd of June 2018

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Demographic Services

ODLCEF and the Ohio District working together provide all our congregations and schools with FREE demographic information and evaluation services. From knowing and understanding the community around you we can assist with marketing efforts to reach beyond your doors. The demographic services can be an excellent resource tool to increase ministry opportunities. This again, is a FREE service available to all congregations courtesy of the ODLCEF and the Ohio District Ministry Resources office.

Ohio District Office


David Bowers - LCEF Ohio District Vice President
Phone: (440) 235-2297 or (800) 901-2297 - ext 22
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Lisa Janik - Marketing and Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (440) 235-2297 or (800) 901-2297 - ext 20
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National Office


National Office
LCEF's national office is in St Louis, MO


800-843-5233 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Central), Monday through Friday