Tuesday, 25th of July 2017

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Ohio District Church Extension Supports a New Business - Common Threads Thrift Store

Common Threads3

Long a supporter of congregational outreach and an encourager for lifting up people with the word of Christ the Ohio District Lutheran Church Extension approved a loan to Building Hope in the City (Cleveland) for its start -up business Common Threads.

With a very solid business plan formulated over many months of intense review and scrutinty BHIC approached the ODLCEF requesting a loan with which to open a thrift store. The venture would have several components. A sustainable business model from which to wean the organization from strictly operating on personal donations to an organization that runs on the success of its business and profitability. Second, the thrift store would enable a number of refugees who are receiving Christ through the many Building Hope programs the opportunity to put their learned skill sets into practice. Too, the store helps develop relationship building and might lead as a stepping stone to better employment.

We hope you will support this venture by contributing items to the thrift store or by stopping in and doing a little shopping of your own.

Read more about it on Cleveland.com - Upscale resale shop transforms lives connected to urban ministry: Reinvention (photos, video)