Tuesday, 25th of July 2017

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NEW! Lutheran Federal Credit Union Serves LCMS Nationwide

The Lutheran Federal Credit Union (LutheranFCU) is now open exclusively here to serve the LCMS community in all 50 states! LFCU has been built with all the products you would expect of large financial institutions, and the personal service achieve as a LCMS based organization.

What LutheranFCU does for LCMS

LutheranFCU connects the LCMS community together through modern mainstream banking which allows entities, employees and families to replace secular provider. Just like other banks and credit unions, the deposits and capital gathered by the credit union allows for loans to be made to other members. The growth of LFCU will directly support the LCMS community via sponsorships, grants, and scholarships and will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of all potential members.

What LutheranFCU can do for you

And whether you are opening LCMS organization or personal accounts, the credit union offers a premier banking experience, including checking without monthly fees, exceptional online access, and ability to make deposits anywhere with your mobile phone. Plus, an expansive group of loan options are available. For homes, primary homes, vacation and rental homes are all eligible. Auto loans are also available, along with recreational vehicle loans, personal loans and credit cards. Account access and
service points are extensive, with 5000 partner credit union branches, 30,000 ATMs and the Lutheran Federal Credit Union here to support you.

For Rostered Church Workers, several custom accounts are available including RCW checking and loans.

What LutheranFCU can do for your congregation

LFCU offers free checking accounts, free savings accounts, free debit cards, and low cost ministry credit cards (no personal guarantees required) for your congregation business accounts. Plus, all the conveniences of free online and mobile banking, and Shared Branch access are available to your church.

How to become a member

Membership starts when you apply online at lutheranfcu.org and open a stewardship savings account. LutheranFCU even pays the first dollar per member to join. From there you can either start saving, open a checking account, apply for a loan or credit card and start a membership that gives back to LCMS.

Apply at and for more information:


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Contact Information:

Lutheran Federal Credit Union

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St. Louis, MO 63127

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Following is a brief look at the new Lutheran Federal Credit Union.