Tuesday, 25th of July 2017

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Our Loans

ODLCEF provides funds at a low affordable interest rate to LCMS congregations, schools, RSO's and SMO's of the district to build or renovate space for ministry and fulfilling God's work. We provide loans to new missions for the purchase of their first worship facility. We provide residential assistance to rostered professional church workers to purchase of remodel their primary residence. We also provide loans to congregations for Lines of Credit and as bridge loans to assist them in building construction while using their Capital Campaign funding.

Loans for Missions

Since its beginning the Church Extension has given priority to mission congregations for site purchases and first church buildings at favorable interest rates.

Loans to Congregations

Loans are available to congregations for a growing variety of purposes, including land acquisition, new construction, expansion, remodeling, new equipment and other means of expanding mission and ministry in their communities.

Housing Loans

Loans are made available to Rostered Professional Church Workers the resources necessary to purchase their principal residence. These loans are also made at favorable interest rates.

Advance Site Loans

Along with district Mission officials, we work to identify and purchase advance sites for future church planting and mission.

Loans to District Organizations

Church Extension extends its lending services to the Ohio District and Ohio District entities to enable them to expand ministry and mission opportunities throughout the district.

Services Offered

In addition ot the lending programs, Church Extension offers free architectural advice and assistance to congregations, sources of captial fund raising, demogrtaphic studies of local communities, property procurement and development and assistance with strategic planning.