Tuesday, 25th of July 2017

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Connecting generations...Expanding ministries...Growing your savings

Generations Past

The Ohio District Lutheran Extension Fund (ODLCEF) has a rich legacy of providing funds for new mission congregations and schools throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, building first worship and educational facilities through the use of affordable loans.

Present Generations

Connecting that legacy to the generation of the present, Church Extension continues to support the needs of our missions, congregations, schools and professional church workers. Church Extension provides a source of affordable loans for buying, building, expanding, renovating, and equipping facilities for the preaching, teaching and reaching of God's message of hope and salvation.

With individual investments, you and other Ohio District Lutherans are connected to this ministry through Church Extension's savings opportunities, enabling all to partner in the building up of God's kingdom. These savings opportunities are designed to meet the needs to all ages...from our Kids of the Kingdom program for young savers to attractive and flexible savings opportunities for adults, all praying attractive quarterly interest rates.

Future Generations

The legacy connection continues for future generations as well. From our raher simple start we have grown to be the major source of capital funding for churches and schools in the Ohio District. God has been gracious to us and our growth and we trust in that grouwth to continue into future generations.

We hope that you will be a part of continuing our wonderful Lutheran legacy and review our Offering Circular and the savings opportunities it provides to connect you with the richness of a legacy that will, by God's grace, continue to grow for generations to come.